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Transportation Alternatives Data Exchange (TrADE)

TA Project Examples

The project example image library is a web accessible media archive that features images and descriptions of Transportation Enhancement projects.

The library transforms how we see TA. Images of successful projects provide insight into the outcomes of the program quickly and effectively.

Please feel free to use the images in the library, but we request that you review our usage guidelines first.

Galleries sorted by TA Category:

A detailed explanation of the TA categories can be found here.

  1. Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities
  2. Safe Routes for Non-Drivers
  3. Conversion of Abandoned Railway Corridors to Trails
  4. Scenic Turnouts and Overlooks
  5. Outdoor Advertising Management
  6. Historic Preservation & Rehabilitation of Historic Transportation Facilities
  7. Vegetation Management
  8. Archaeological Planning and Research
  9. Stormwater Management
  10. Wildlife Mortality Mitigation


Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Railway Conversion Scenic Turnouts and Overlooks Outdoor AdvertisingHistoric Preservation Vegetation Management Archaeological Planning and Research Environmental Mitigation Wildlife