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Transportation Alternatives Data Exchange (TrADE)

State TA Programs

The Transportation Alternatives program was created and funded through federal transportation legislation. It is administered by the Federal Highway Administration, but  implemented by the states.

States have flexibility in how the Transportation Alternatives program is administered. In particular, the Transportation Alternatives program combines three previously separate sources of transportation funding: Transportation Enhancements, the Recreational Trails Program, and Safe Routes to School. As states move forward with implementing the new Transportation Alternatives program, policies will vary from state to state regarding the arrangement of previous state policies concerning these antecedents.

This directory documents and archives these state policies for the informational purposes, and is updated annually by TrADE @ RTC. The current directory includes policies regarding Transportation Enhancements as of fiscal year 2012. Over the course of fiscal year 2013, as states develop Transportation Alternatives programs, this directory will be updated. Please find the state program directory at the bottom of this page.

For information about state eminent domain or condemnation practices regarding TA please see the Eminent Domain Questionnaire Results, prepared July 27, 2006.

Professional TA Contacts

State DOT Contacts: To submit an application for TA funds or to learn more about the TA program in your state, contact staff at your state department of transportation (DOT).  These staff are responsible for the implementation of the TA program and the distribution of funds.

State FHWA TA Contacts: To discuss federal regulations and eligibility restrictions on the TA program, contact the TE staff at the local division office of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  These staff are responsible for ensuring that state DOTs comply with federal regulations related to the TA program. 

FHWA Headquarters Contacts:  To ask questions about federal regulations and guidance related to the TA program, contact FHWA headquarters staff based in Washington, D.C., or visit their Web site.  These staff are responsible for developing regulations related to the TA program and overseeing the work of the FHWA division offices.

In addition to the contacts listed above, there are other state-employed staff who are often involved with the administration of the TA program.  NTAC does not maintain lists of these contacts but provides the following links to lists maintained by other organizations:  State Bike/Ped Coordinators, State Trail Administrators, State Historic Preservation Officers, and Scenic Byways Program Contacts.

State Directory


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